In order to make PyDM a flexible tool a couple of Environment Variables are used for configuration and customization.

The following table describe the environment variable as well as its usage and default values.


What is it used for?


The default protocol to be used when specifing channels.
This option eliminates the need for users to specify the protocol
for a given Data Plugin. E.g.: ca.
Default: None


This variable point to the base URL for the documentation.


This is the base URL for the Archiver Appliance Data Plugin it is
concatenated with /retrieval/data/getData to generate the
retrieval URL.


Which library to use for Channel Access (ca://) data
plugin. PyDM offers two options: PYCA and PYEPICS.
Default: PYEPICS


Path to pydm executable for child processes, such as new windows.
It will only be used if pydm is not found in the standard $PATH.
Default: None


Path in which PyDM should look for .ui and .py files when
they are not found. Note: This is not a recursive search.
Default: None


Path in which PyDM should look for Data Plugins to be loaded.
Default: None


Path in which PyDM should look for External Tools to be loaded.
Default: None


The string encoding to be used when converting arrays to strings.
Default: utf-8


Path to the QSS file defining the global stylesheet for the
PyDM application. When used, it will override the default look.
Default: None


This flag enables receiving live data in Qt Designer. If disabled,
channels will not be connected to in Qt Designer.
Default: None